SMB Gets Future-Ready by Being an Agent of Change Instead of Being Disrupted

The ChallengeChange Agent

While attending an industry conference, several members of the senior leadership team were inspired by a presentation on aligning business initiatives with hard trends. By basing decisions on what they know will happen, rather than what might happen, they could position their firm to be future-ready and disruption-proof. With these game-changing concepts in mind, they were eager to pull the trigger as soon as they got back to the office.

However, three months later, all those great intentions were things of the past. While they recognized the need for change and organizational realignment, with no champion to drive efforts forward everything just stopped. Day-to-day responsibilities took precedence and the need to manage their “now” overshadowed preparing for their tomorrow.

The Solution

Sadly, this is a common occurrence – how many times do we attend an event or read a book and come away ready to implement great ideas, only to get caught up in what needs to be done to manage the business today. Firms often get rerouted from the path of being the disruptor to becoming the one disrupted.

The whirlwind of regular day-to-day operations becomes a roadblock to executing strategic initiatives. A third-party consultant can help companies achieve desired results, essentially serving as a guiding compass in the crossfire of urgent matters and shifting priorities.

In this case, SN collaborated with the leadership team and narrowed down the list of proposed initiatives to those that aligned most closely to the trends impacting the industry. Next, we defined the desired behaviors that would ultimately drive the initiatives to success. Serving as their change champion, we helped the firm make consistent ongoing progress by conducting check-in meetings, removing barriers, and keeping the leadership team focused on their goals.

The Results

Through the process of reducing the number of initiatives to pursue, holding each other accountable in weekly meetings, and celebrating small wins the team was able to elevate employee engagement and keep momentum high. This energy was contagious and resulted in higher efficiencies; increased revenue, and a future full of opportunity. Leadership is now operating in a proactive future-oriented way instead of a rear-view reactive approach.

Today, their team is invested like never before, and after witnessing how their efforts pay off, they are much more open to embracing change. Overall, the firm is better equipped for the future and committed to not being stuck in the past.

Change is difficult, which is one reason it ends up at the bottom of the priorities list. But be assured disruption can and has impacted highly successful companies no matter their size, industry or profit margin. If you want to jump start your future, but aren’t sure how, reach out to our NextGen team today.

About Stambaugh Ness

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