Construction & Real Estate

To rise above the competition, you require financial solutions that you can build upon.

SN’s industry expertise provides a unique perspective and full appreciation of your day-to-day operational challenges. Active involvement in industry trade organizations, both nationally and regionally, keeps us at the forefront of emerging trends within your industry. To speak directly to your needs, we leverage our deep awareness and understanding of construction and real estate to develop innovative and proactive solutions.

  • Overhead rate audits
  • Tax credits
  • Corporate, partnership & individual tax
  • Design of internal control, transactional processing, & financial reporting systems
  • Job costing assistance
  • Bid spread review and consultation, contract provision and surety analysis
  • Succession planning
  • Value advisory
  • Operational review benchmarking analysis
  • Incentive compensation
  • Transaction consulting
  • Outsourced accounting & CFO advisory
  • Workforce & recruiting solutions
  • Technology solutions