Managing a Business Isn’t Easy.

State and Local TaxToday, the average business has a borderless footprint that leads to tax implications many don’t even realize they are responsible for. Add in the thousands of state and local tax jurisdictions, each with its own set of evolving rules and regulations and you are left with an overwhelming and risky situation.

Proactive, Anticipatory Solutions that Align with Your Strategic Goals.

Stambaugh Ness’s State and Local Tax (SALT) group, takes the burden of aligning strategic goals with anticipatory solutions off your plate, helping you to manage risk and identify tax-saving opportunities.

So, while business isn’t simple, the goal is – minimize liability and maximize opportunity.

The Costly Side Effect of Selling

More and more firms are subject to sales tax collection due to selling and providing services out-of-state. Understanding nexus and being familiar with your sales tax exposure can save you from unnecessary and costly surprises. Let’s collaborate to optimize your sales and use processes, mitigate risk, and improve efficiency.

Risky, Inconsistent & Required

Income & FranchiseWorking in multiple jurisdictions comes with its own unique tax complexities, especially when a firm experiences growth, new product and service offerings, or business changes such as a merger or acquisition. To ensure compliance, it’s critical to work with a team that has a broad knowledge of the changing tax landscape.

Location, Location, Location = Money in Your Pocket

Site Selection For firms planning to expand, relocate, or consolidate operations, being strategic about site selection can result in lucrative tax opportunities. We collaborate with you to uncover state and local non-income tax incentives including grants, rebates, enterprise zone benefits, property tax abatement, and sales tax credits/exemptions.

Tax-Smart Tools to Lower Burden

Property TaxThe local taxation of property can be a large chunk of your operating expenses, especially if your firm has properties in multiple jurisdictions. Working together we can look for untapped ways to decrease your taxes such as value negotiation, accelerating depreciation, unbundling equipment purchases, and identification of filing of exemptions and abatements.

Karen Poist - Stambaugh NessContact: Karen J. Poist, CPA

Director, State and Local Tax Services Group