Growing the Future You Envision
Strategic Growth Advisory Stambaugh Ness

Disruption is constant, competition is increasing, and the way we do business is changing rapidly. What worked yesterday isn’t going to work tomorrow. SN’s Strategic Growth Advisory services understands that not every AEC firm has the necessary marketing and business development resources on staff to lead them into the NextGen.

To build your firm of the future, you need anticipatory solutions driven by industry experts who can help you implement, execute, and achieve results.

Grow Faster at a Cost You Can Afford

Outsourced CMO / CBDOWith SN’s outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) services, any AE firm can experience the benefits of effective marketing and business development leadership regardless of its size. With access to high level strategic, industry-focused expertise, you gain a significant competitive advantage without the cost of a full-time hire.

From developing a comprehensive marketing and business development strategy to managing its implementation and execution, we help you grow.

The Competitive Advantage that Delivers Growth

Marketing Business Development Advisor | Stambaugh NessWithout the right marketing, business development doesn’t happen, and without the right business development, marketing becomes pointless. Leveraging both of these powerful areas within your firm results in higher profitability and a competitive advantage that positions you for a more successful future.

Ranging from project-specific to overarching growth strategies, SN’s marketing and business development advisory services elevate your AEC firm and drive profitability. Leveraging our expertise, you can augment your current staff or utilize SN’s professionals to serve as your outsourced marketing and business development department.

Leading You to Productive, Meaningful Results

Marketing FacilitationOften an outside perspective can breathe new life into your firm initiatives and steer you towards the results you desire.

SN offers experienced facilitator services for your next sales meeting or strategic planning retreat. Using our firsthand experience from decades in the AEC industry, we approach your meeting with a unique insider understanding of the industry. With your end result in mind, we can help develop the agenda, drive the meeting, raise questions, manage group dynamics, encourage collaboration, develop a meaningful plan of action, and identify critical next steps.

Tools that Optimize Your Biggest Asset - Your People

Marketing Coaching Training | Stambaugh NessEnsuring that your employees have the training they need to be successful is one of the best benefits you can provide for them – giving them the tools they need to succeed. SN offers several customizable virtual training programs that range from a few hours to half-day to multiple days. In addition to the examples below, our experts can help you customize a training or coaching course that identifies and meets your unique needs.

· Seller-Doer
· Soft Skills
· Marketing & Communications
· Workplace Etiquette
· Proposals
· Personal Branding

Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM | Stambaugh NessContact: Scott Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM

Director, Strategic Growth Advisory