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Your investment in software is significant. And we believe you deserve to take advantage of all it has to offer. Without training, your firm may be missing out on all the unique Ajera capabilities that are right at your fingertips. SN’s team of Ajera experts apply years of hands-on experience not only working with the Ajera platform but in accounting for project-based organizations just like yours.

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Ajera Class Schedule

Deltek Ajera Training Widget Design II

Ajera Widget Design II (Intermediate)

January 30

This class takes a deeper dive into widget design, building upon the concepts covered in Design 1. Participants will learn how to creatively use widgets to discover and present data in more meaningful ways. We recommend completing Ajera Widget Design I prior to taking this class if you don’t have a solid understanding of the Design I objectives.



Deltek Ajera Training Browser Based Time Expense

Ajera Browser-Based Time & Expense

February 06

Time & Expense entry is critical within an organization and so is effectively using the tools that support it. Join us to learn how to use the new Ajera browser-based Time & Expense entry windows and discover the efficiencies and benefits of entering time & expenses directly in the browser regardless if it is Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari.



Deltek Ajera Training End Month Review

Easy Month-End Review with Ajera Widgets & Dashboards

February 13

Month-end processing shouldn’t be complicated or stressful and luckily with Ajera is doesn’t have to be! During this session, our experts will walk you through setting up Dashboards to identify GL issues and simplify your month-end review.




Deltek Ajera Training Credit Card Processing

Ajera Credit Card Import and Processing

February 20

Let’s make your job easier!  Learn how to decrease manual data entry and leverage the credit card import process to streamline credit card expense entries. Our team will take you step-by-step through processes that will make a positive impact on your role and responsibilities.



Deltek Ajera Training Project Management

Engaging Your PMs for Project & Profit Success

February 27

Ajera is designed for Project Management as much as it is for Accounting & Financial reporting, and we want to make sure you fully tap into the power of Ajera as a PM tool. This class will outline the benefits of your PMs being hands-on in Ajera, including maximizing efficiency and boosting Project Performance.



Deltek Ajera Training Consultant Commitment Management

Consultant & Commitment Management Solutions for Deltek Ajera

March 05

When working with clients, we often find they want to use the Consultant and Commitment Management tools in Ajera, but just don’t know how all the moving parts come together. Our goal is for you to be able to go back to your desk and know exactly what to do to set up and track your consultants and consultant revenue accurately and easily.



Deltek Ajera Training Accounts Receivable

Optimizing Your AR Collection Process within Deltek Ajera

March 12

When working with clients, we often find that AR collections are a challenge. It’s typical in firms for the responsibility to be placed on the accounting team. Sharing ownership of AR collections with your project managers and principals can make a big difference in turning around any lagging payments.



Deltek Ajera Training Billing File Streaming

Utilizing Ajera’s New File Streaming Tools for Billing Efficiency

March 19

We find that many clients we engage with are not aware of the new file streaming tool or the time savings it provides for your Client Invoicing process. Hours of time can be gained back into your Accounting team’s work schedule by utilizing this tool. Audit compliance efficiency is also an added plus. Think of no more scanning, attachments, and dealing with additional PDFs to email to clients – this is an awesome tool! Let us help you take the pain out of reimbursable backup in Client Invoicing!



Deltek Ajera Training Overhead Rates

Ajera Overhead Calculation Methods & Reporting

March 26

We find that many clients do not have an Overhead rate entered in Company Preferences. The Overhead rate tool in Ajera provides accurate profit calculations on project reports. Many clients ask, “Can I get a P&L by project?” We will cover this topic and provide guidance on how to communicate with your team.



Ajera Work In Progress (WIP) Management – Effects on Project & Financial Reporting

April 02

WIP Management is a universal challenge. Your WIP balances affect your financial reporting. It is CRITICAL that WIP is maintained accurately. We find that many clients do not fully understand the impact of WIP changes made during the billing cycle. Our goal is for you to walk away from this session with a full understanding of Best Practices for WIP Management.