Engage Your Project Managers for Project & Profit Success


Ajera is designed for Project Management as much as it is for Accounting & Financial reporting, and we want to make sure you fully tap into the power of Ajera as a PM tool. During this course, our instructors will highlight the advantages of having your PMs actively engaged in Ajera, enhancing project performance, and increasing efficiency.

In this class, our Ajera experts will provide training on the Best Practices methods for:

  • Transitioning ownership to your PMs for accountability
  • Replacing Excel Estimating Spreadsheets & Eliminate Project Setup Forms – Templates
  • What information should you be sharing with your project managers
  • Dashboards for project management performance evaluation
  • Leveraging the Ajera project management tools & dashboards to increase profits

Tools Provided:

  • Copy of the PowerPoint presentation
  • Recording of the Training
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