Technology that’s Anticipatory.

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Merely keeping up with technology isn’t going to keep you ahead of the competition. With a future-focused plan, design, and support you can experience technology that propels your organization.

We specialize in aligning IT initiatives with your strategic goals for a competitive advantage that’s cost-effective and customized. Whether you are starting from scratch or have a robust infrastructure in place, SN meets you right where you are.

A Proactive Approach to Security.

Endpoint Management | Stambaugh NessEndpoints include PC’s, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and specialized equipment such as bar code readers or point of sale (POS) terminals. And they are a hotbed for security breaches.

Keeping these patched and updated is a daunting, yet critical task. SN helps you implement a policy-based approach to network security that requires endpoint devices to comply with specific criteria before they are granted access to network resources.

Freedom to Focus on More.

Help Desk Support | Stambaugh Ness

Do you have a project list, but never have the time to complete it because of daily IT requests? These tasks are essential, but they shouldn’t be a roadblock to meeting your business goals.

SN offers tiered IT services that can help offset your day-to-day workload. With our experts fielding employee questions and requests, your technical staff is free to focus on higher-level projects and strategic planning.

The Perfect Product.

Hardware Software | Stambaugh NessChoosing hardware and software is one of the most significant decisions and investments you will make. So you want to be confident you have the best solutions to support your needs now and in the future.

SN can source hardware and software for just about any project. Partnering with Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Cisco, Datto, RapidFire, Tripp Lite and more we offer profound insight on several options to fit your needs.

Preparedness is King.

Data Backup Recovery | Stambaugh NessIt is not ok to check your backup once a week or every other week, yet many businesses don’t have the time or resources for more.

Simply put, every business is just one problem away from a disaster. Dedicated management of IT systems is essential for your success. By partnering with SN to automate the backup validation process, you will ensure 100% backup completion daily and work with confidence that you are prepared for anything.


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