Transformation: Move Beyond Your Competition

July 29, 2020
02:00pm-02:30pm EDT
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The word transformation is used often, but do we really understand how to apply it to our business for accelerated success? Transformation is more than a tweak or pivot in a new direction. It’s doing something so completely different that it becomes a legitimate no turning back game-changer for a business, an industry, sometimes even the world. But, to understand transformation, we must also understand change, which impacts every aspect of how we run our businesses.

Transformation will happen, and it will impact you, the question is, will you anticipate it and leverage it as an opportunity, or will your competition do it before you?

Join us for this 30-minute webinar where we’ll scope out transformation and change, plus highlight ways you can turn disruption into a competitive advantage.

Stop focusing on competing and start intentionally moving beyond your competitors. Register today. 

During this event, we’ll discuss:

  • Define types of change (Exponential, Cyclical, Linear)
  • Anticipating transformation
  • Leverage disruption to accelerate success
  • The cost of not transforming

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