Mitigating Risk and Delivering Peace of Mind.

7 out of 10 businesses aren’t prepared for a cyber-attack; and with the average cost of a breach hovering at $4.9 million, it’s hardly a risk worth taking.

Technology is a contributing factor to your success, but it’s also used as a weapon to steal your data, cripple your business, and ruin your reputation. To successfully combat these threats you require deep knowledge, an anticipatory approach, and solutions that protect your future.

For over 15 years we have assisted clients through every stage of the cybercrime lifecycle with solutions designed specifically for attack prevention and response.

Cyber Prevention Services

Vulnerability Assessment & Analysis – a proactive first step to identify areas of weakness on network devices, operating systems, desktop applications, web applications, and databases. Includes a custom plan with recommendations to strengthen your infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plans – a breach response that keeps you moving forward with minimal business disruption and protects your productivity and profitability.

Policy & Procedure Review/Design – evaluates the overall effectiveness of your current security measures. Combining best practices with the specifics of your environment we create guidelines to improve your overall IT governance.

Employee Training – educates your employees on end-user best practices that reinforce your security measures and help prevent the human errors that cause vulnerabilities. Both on-site and remote options are available.

IT Governance, Risk, & Compliance – provides a third party, independent and objective look at your technology environment to build sustainable internal controls that mitigate risks and comply with governance and stakeholder requirements.

Cyber Response Services

Incident Response – post-breach process to quickly identify, contain, and remediate a cyber-attack while minimizing downtime and impact on your workforce and clients.

Digital Forensics – analysis and preservation of digital crime evidence left behind following an incident. This critical data helps determine the root cause of the attack and is often used during the litigation process.

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