Defend and Protect.

Cybersecurity | Stambaugh Ness
Cyber threats are constant and unforgiving. They hit businesses from multiple directions and are only increasing in sophistication and methods of execution.

With SN’s extensive menu of services, we can help you defend your data, your integrity, and your reputation. Protecting your data is no longer optional; it’s required.

Passing the Test.

Vulnerability Penetration Testing | Stambaugh NessTesting your infrastructure is an essential step in identifying issues before they become disasters. SN provides two distinct tests to elevate your network security.

The Vulnerability Test is perfect for the company who knows improvements are necessary but need help to identify and prioritize these areas.

A Penetration Test, also known as “ethical hacking,” simulates a cyber attack on your infrastructure. Penetration Tests are ideal for a company who is at their desired security level but want to validate their systems and controls.

Meeting Requirements.

Compliance Testing | Stambaugh Ness

As business becomes more and more regulated, many organizations are facing a variety of compliance requirements, including industry-specific ones. If you need assistance determining compliance to-do’s and identifying shortcomings, SN can walk you through the process from start to finish. By conducting compliance tests, we’ll help you uncover vulnerabilities, and provide a list of remediation steps to follow.

Examples of regulatory compliances we routinely evaluate are: DFARs/NIST 800-171, PCI DSS, and HIPPA.

Smooth & Seamless is the Goal.

Web Application Testing | Stambaugh Ness

The internet plays an integral role in today’s consumer decision making. As a result, ensuring that your web hosted applications run both smoothly and securely for the end-user is critical.

SN’s testing experts apply years of experience to focus on the functionality, usability, interface, compatibility, performance, and security of applications that keep your business humming.

Create Top-Notch Defenders.

Email Phishing | Stambaugh Ness

Phishing is the most common and effective way to penetrate an organization. Educating your staff on how to defend against these attacks and equipping them with the right tools and techniques can save you from preventable cyber attacks.

We provide robust training through simulated phishing campaigns and both in-person and recorded sessions. This training can successfully change risky behavior and habits and reinforces the role that each employee plays when it comes to security.

Microsoft 365 Cloud Security Assessment

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