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For many architectural and engineering firms, government contracts are a significant revenue stream. However, contracting with the government isn’t always easy and comes with strict compliance regulations that make it particularly complex. Applying years of collaboration with firms nationally, state departments of transportation, and government agencies, SN’s Government Contract Services team guides you through the layers of red tape associated with government work to help secure contracts, avoid potential roadblocks, enhance profitability, and maintain compliance.

Our deep investment in the architecture and engineering industry translates into a team of professionals who not only know your industry inside and out but have highly-specialized expertise and knowledge of government contractor accounting and consulting. Our desire to get results can be seen in everything we do, including the strong relationships we’ve built with organizations that matter to both your industry and your firm. Partnering with organizations like ACEC, AIA, AASHTO, PSMJ, and many state DOTs, we are able to bridge gaps and connect clients to the resources they need.

Whether your firm has a single contract or multiple contracts we have services that you can rely on:

  • FAR audits by experts in A/E government contracting.
  • Overhead management consulting services.
  • Accounting systems review and internal controls gap analysis.
  • Internal controls review for direct/indirect expenses and allowable/unallowable expenses.
  • Assistance with effective DOT collaboration.
  • Balancing tax savings with protecting your overhead rate.

Many firms perform government contract services, but our approach is more than just services, it’s solutions that position you for greater success. Using the detailed information received throughout the audit process your SN team immediately starts thinking proactively and developing management and financial strategies that will benefit your firm.

What Are Unallowable Costs?

GC Unallowable Costs | Stambaugh NessIn the government contracting world, not all costs are created equal. They are sliced and diced into different categories that each have their own restrictions, including allowable and unallowable costs. Costs are aggressively audited by the DCAA as well as state DOTs and other agencies so it is imperative that contractors have a clear understanding of how each is applied to government contract accounting.

2020 National Compensation Matrix

2020_National_Compensation_Matrix_RC1The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials has released its 2020 National Compensation Matrix (NCM), with a 3% escalation factor applied.

Download the 2020 NCM here and reach out to Stambaugh Ness if you need assistance in leveraging the NCM or other tools to develop your FAR-allowable overhead rates.

Not happy with the results? Exercise the option of using three other available surveys which may lead to a higher allowable amount.


Experience That's Personal

T. Wayne Owens, CPA, CGMA, CDA | Stambaugh NessT. Wayne Owens, CPA, CGMA, CDA,
Managing Director, Government Contract Services Practice Area

Wayne’s 35+ year career includes extensive experience partnering with AE firms on auditing and financial management, with a particular focus on government contracting under the Federal Acquisition Regulation requirements and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Uniform Audit & Accounting Guide. Additionally, Wayne has served on the industry front lines as a CFO at an architectural firm.

Scott Hursh 500x500 Scott Hursh, CPA, CCIFP, CDA,
Director, AE Consulting

Scott is recognized as an authority in financial management, tax, and government contract consulting for architectural and engineering firms. His advanced experience in the application and interpretation of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), AASHTO Audit Guide, Cost Accounting Standards, and AE tax issues guides firms towards minimizing tax obligations and boosting profitability.


Steve Snyder Steve Snyder, CPA, CCIFP,
Director, AEC Group

As Director, Steve’s concentration is on assisting clients within the architecture, engineering, construction and real estate development industries to improve internal processes and maximize profitability. Additionally, Steve has extensive experience with overhead rate audits and FAR compliance.

Nikki Hoffman, CPA - Stambaugh Ness Nikki Hoffman, CPA,
Director, AEC Group

Nikki works closely with our architecture and engineering clients to drive results. Her grasp of the complexities and nuances of the AE industry is an asset to each firm she partners with. Nikki is highly-skilled in Federal Acquisition Regulation Overhead audits (FAR) and leads our larger financial statement audits for engineering clients.

Tony Machi, MBA, CPA | Stambaugh Ness Tony Machi, MBA, CPA, CDA
Manager, Government Contract Services Practice Area

Tony’s AE industry roots are deep, having previously served at senior levels within the governmental and financial compliance departments of one of the largest engineering firms in the U.S. Nationally recognized as a foremost expert on FAR risk assessment, mitigation, testing, and distribution of information by his peers in the AASHTO audit community, Tony knows every nuance of government contract compliance.

Chris Mayfield, CPA, CDA | Stambaugh Ness Chris Mayfield, CPA, CDA,
Manager, Government Contract Services Practice Area

Chris is one of the top FAR experts nationwide, with a deep understanding of government contracting. Combined with his AE industry knowledge, he effectively performs FAR overhead and financial statement audits, bringing significant technical skills to every client engagement. As a former AE firm controller, Chris has an invaluable hands-on understanding of the financial challenges and opportunities you face.

Kelli Mayer, CPA | Stambaugh Ness Kelli Mayer, CPA, CDA
Manager, Government Contract Services Practice Area

Kelli is a self-described “FAR nerd”, knowing the regulations and requirements inside and out. Her previous roles working in government agencies, including DCAA, has provided her with a unique perspective that she applies to each client engagement. Kelli’s comfort with interpreting and applying FAR requirements will put you immediately at ease and strengthen your firm’s ability to work successfully with government contracts.


David Kirsten, CPA | Stambaugh Ness David Kirsten, CPA,
Manager, Government Contracts

David brings experience from the government side, having worked within government agencies, both General Services Administration and DCAA. David has a clear understanding of how the system operates to work for your firm. David’s expertise in government procurement across different agencies and interpreting FAR requirements will significantly strengthen your ability to work successfully with government contracts.​

T. Wayne Owens, CPA, CGMA, CDA | Stambaugh NessContact: T. Wayne Owens, CPA, CGMA, CDA

Managing Director, Government Contract Services