Business Development Designed to Gain Competitive Advantages

Business Development Strategy RetreatMahan Rykiel Associates (MRA) is a 40+ person landscape architecture firm currently working on four continents and with project experience in 30 countries. The firm had undertaken a leadership transition, appointing a new president, and also changed their set-aside status from MBE to WBE. With increasing competitive pressures and a somewhat arbitrary approach to business development, the firm’s principals decided to convene a business development strategy retreat.

Scott Butcher was hired to plan the agenda and content, as well as facilitate the conversations. The firm’s principals, along with marketing and business development staff, all participated. Prior to the retreat, principals for each of the firm’s three market sector teams were tasked with developing preliminary business plans. The retreat included four primary components: presentation and discussion of business plans, review of current best practice business development approaches and trends, creation of business development and marketing strategies, and determination of accountabilities and key performance indicators.

Business Development Retreat Facilitation Planning Case Study | Stambaugh Ness

From a goal standpoint, MRA was looking to become more focused with their traditional strategies, incorporate newer marketing and business development approaches (e.g., research-based thought leadership), achieve sustainable growth in Asia, and better utilize CRM best practices.