The Financial Side of ESOPs

November 01, 2022
02:00pm-03:00pm EDT
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Financial Side of ESOPsEven though Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) are made of people, they run on money. The financial benefits of an ESOP are a major motivator for AE firms, but the rules related to realizing those benefits are complex.

SN ESOP experts Brad Wilson, Nikki Hoffman, and Jen Nelson host a roundtable discussion on corporate tax structure, forms of compensation, marginal tax rates, and cash flow. This webinar is more technical than usual, but you’ll receive real-world knowledge that will help jump-start the financial viability of an ESOP in your AE firm.

During this event, we’ll help you:

  • Learn the impacts of corporate tax structure on the benefits of an ESOP and whether a change of structure could be beneficial.
  • Discover the ongoing financial impacts after an ESOP is implemented and the operational requirements that come with an ESOP.
  • Understand the conceptual tax benefits in the ESOP statutes and the real-world practices in AE firms to realize those benefits.

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