Microsoft Copilot Implementation: What You Need to Know

March 06, 2024
02:00pm-02:30pm EST
SN's Skills & Performance Institute

Implementing AI technology is full of complexities – watch our 30-minute webinar to confidently navigate the journey towards a seamless and secure Microsoft Copilot implementation. Designed specifically for IT professionals and tech-interested executives, our presenters will guide you through essential topics, including technical prerequisites, security measures, privacy protocols, and data residency considerations.

This webinar is a must-attend for organizations contemplating Copilot implementation. Equip your team with the knowledge and strategies to leverage Copilot’s full potential as a valuable asset while protecting your company’s data integrity.

Watch now and take control of your Copilot implementation! 

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Our Presenters
Phil Keeney - Stambaugh Ness

Phil Keeney

Dom Kirby 2024 square 500x500

Dom Kirby

Matthew Polatsek

Matthew Polatsek

SPI | Microsoft Copilot Implementation: What You Need to Know

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