Career Pathing for Business Growth

March 29, 2023
02:00pm-03:00pm EST
Previously Recorded

Today, businesses are experiencing unprecedented workforce challenges, including high turnover rates and talent shortages, all while employee expectations continue to increase.

So, how do we create an environment where employees want to join and stay?

As an employer, it is critically important to have career paths in place for the journey employees share with you. A powerful job architecture strategy prioritizes both people and growth for your organization.

Watch Kristi Weierbach as she explains the power of career path development as a business strategy. She’ll discuss the importance of role expectation clarity, leveraging employee potential through learning and development, and creating impactful work that motivates employees.

During the event, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a Job Architecture that attracts and retains employees.
  • Leverage career paths to optimize your employee’s learning and growth.
  • Align your Job Architecture and career paths to compensation.

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