The Complicated World of Project Information Management

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January 25, 2018

As a project-centered business, information is a living, breathing thing at your firm. Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to take control of your firm’s project related information? If you have, you are not alone. Every project-based company understands how important communication, information control, and processes are when it comes to the project journey. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the many benefits of implementing a sound project information management system.

Too Much Information

Regardless of scope, getting a project from conception to completion is no easy task. Whether it’s documents, emails, drawings, contracts, or reports, every project brings its share of information regardless of the size of the project. Over the years many firms find themselves bogged down by multiple repositories for this information. Without one centralized storage location frustration creeps in, version control issues become huge problems, and efficiency plummets, taking profitability along with it. To maximize success, a firm needs control of the constant influx of project information. It’s at the core of your firm, and if it’s not organized or efficient, then neither is your firm.

Get the Project Party Started

So how do you elevate your current situation? Technology plays an essential role in information management, but not all platforms are created equal. For a project-based firm, it’s critical to select a solution that knows your challenges and has developed solutions for success. Technology can give you control of your information like never before, but it can also add to the confusion if you pick the wrong solution. Let’s walk through some important factors as you consider the options.

As project-based firms know, information has a way of bleeding out into countless areas, especially when you consider how many people touch a project during its lifespan. It’s so important to choose a solution that understands and promotes collaboration among your team members, as well as external resources, while also providing confidence in version control.

Are you frequently working with drawings and plans that are too large to email? Many platforms feature file size limits, make sure to look for a solution that can support the large file sizes commonly associated with project-based firms such as architects or engineers. The last thing you want to do is be locked into a solution that leaves you without the ability to share drawings.

The expectations of mobile technology as it relates to professional needs has increased significantly over recent years. With more and more of the workforce performing their jobs remotely, mobile access to project documents is becoming a requirement. It empowers employees to make critical decisions regardless of where they are and keeps projects moving. Having mobile access with your management platform will become a necessity, even if it isn’t right now.

Next Steps

Technology is the ultimate disruptor. We want to help you embrace it, explore new techniques, and use it to your advantage. Stambaugh Ness has partnered with many professional services firms to streamline and centralize project-based information management.

If you are using multiple systems or maybe just one system that’s not meeting expectations, join us for our webinar and demo of Deltek’s Project Information Management tool. Take that next step towards making your firm more efficient and profitable.

Susan Patrick

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