SN’s Ajera Virtual User Group: Managing WIP for Accurate Reporting (Part 1)

August 10, 2022
01:30pm-02:30pm EDT
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SN’s Ajera Virtual User Group, where like-minded individuals from project-based firms converge for the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and most importantly, grow. We’re bringing together thought leaders in Architecture & Engineering, finance, and technology to help you map out your future.

Managing Work-in-Progress (WIP) for Accuracy in Project & Financial Reporting, Part 1

Have you ever wondered why you have negative Write Off amounts on your project reports or what you should do when you have WIP with zero transaction amounts? How does entering units to non-unit-based expense activities mess up your billing? Do you understand the impact a WIP status change has on your project and financial reports?

While working with our Ajera clients, we’re frequently asked about best practices for WIP Management. Some options seem straightforward but may impact your project and financial reports in ways you do not anticipate. Join us as we take a deep dive into Ajera’s WIP management.

During this event, you’ll learn how:

  • WIP status changes impact your project reporting
  • WIP status changes impact your financial reporting
  • Manual adjustments impact WIP transactions
Our Presenters
Valerie Higgins - Stambaugh Ness

Valerie Higgins

Connie Balius Haakinson Stambaugh Ness

Connie Haakinson

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