AE Firm Valuations: M&A’s Crucial Opening Act

May 16, 2023
02:00pm-03:00pm EDT
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Whether your AE firm is a start-up, is in growth mode, or is considering an ownership transition, knowing and understanding your worth has significant benefits. The truth is that most business owners have an inaccurate perception of their firm’s value.

A formal valuation provides you with accurate numbers that can be leveraged to meet your goals around ownership transition, whether as the current owner or a future owner.

Join SN’s Transition Solutions expert Jeff Adams as he delves into a conversation with AE Valuation expert Becky Carlson and AE M&A experts Hobson Hogan and Lucas Klein for a look at AE industry-specific valuations, their drivers, and the role they play in your transition strategies.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How AE Firms are valued and the drivers that contribute to their value.
  • The different valuation methods and when they should be used.
  • How to incorporate a valuation into an M&A transaction – comparing value to offer.
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