From Risk to Resilience: A CEOs Role in Cybersecurity

January 18, 2024
02:00pm-03:00pm EST
SN's Skills & Performance Institute

In today’s interconnected world, firms face increasing cyberattack threats that can jeopardize sensitive data, operational continuity, and the company’s reputation. To ensure the security and resilience of your organization, CEOs must prioritize cybersecurity.

Watch our on-demand webinar, where we explore why cybersecurity should be a top CEO concern, the critical role of CEOs in enhancing cybersecurity measures, and how leadership can mitigate risks while fostering innovation. Cybersecurity isn’t merely an IT department issue – it’s a strategic necessity requiring executive-level attention and involvement.

During this webinar, your executive team will:

  • Understand the CEO’s role in cybersecurity.
  • Identify cybersecurity risks in firms.
  • Assess cyber risks and identify mitigation steps.

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SPI | From Risk to Resilience: A CEOs Role in Cybersecurity

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