The Onboarding Process: I-9 Compliance

September 07, 2023
12:00am-11:00pm EST
SN's Skills & Performance Institute

Cost: $50

On August 1, 2023, the U.S. Citizens and Immigration Services released the long-awaited NEW version of the I-9 form and updated the completion regulations. The cost of not properly completing I-9 forms can be very high. Though the I-9 form is only three pages, there is a 137-page handbook issued by the USCIS explaining how employers should execute the form. Unsuspecting employers are often surprised to learn that failure to execute an I-9 properly can lead to steep fines, penalties, and even criminal liability. This course provides training on what every employer must do to meet the federal government’s requirements for employment verification.

Who should attend?

This e-learning course is appropriate for human resources professionals, employers responsible for onboarding new employees, and payroll administrators.

During this course, we’ll discuss:

  • Introduction to the I-9 Form and employer/employee responsibilities.
  • Overview/Review of supporting documentation for I-9 Forms.
  • Systematizing I-9 processes for your business.
  • Best practices for I-9 management.

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