Federal Contracting: Timekeeping Internal Control Requirements

January 19, 2023
02:00pm-03:00pm EST
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Performing work for governmental agencies, including state DOTs, is desirable for many firms. But these projects come with unique challenges, including timekeeping requirements from both the employer and employee perspectives. Rules related to timekeeping are one of the most fundamental pieces of efficient and effective contracting with governmental agencies.

Join SN’s national FAR experts, Tony Machi and Kellianne Mayer, for an overview of timekeeping rules and regulations, as well as best practices to keep your organization compliant.

During this webinar, attendees will:

  • Understand the requirements concerning timekeeping.
  • Learn internal controls related to timekeeping.
  • Explore policy considerations related to timekeeping.
Our Presenters
Tony Machi, MBA, CPA

Tony Machi, CPA, MBA

Kelli Mayer, CPA

Kellianne Mayer, CPA, CPCM

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