Time is Money: Optimizing Deltek Vison/Vantagepoint for Profitability

August 16, 2023
02:00pm-03:00pm EDT
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The SN Deltek Vantagepoint/Vision Virtual User Group Meeting is a monthly virtual event where we will discuss the new capabilities, features, and new enhancements to the Deltek Vantagepoint / Deltek Vision Solutions.

Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint Time Management

In the professional services industry, the adage ‘Time is Money’ takes on a profound meaning. Join your Deltek experts, Susan Patrick and Mike Williams, as they explore the intricate relationship between time, processes, and profitability. Discover how the seemingly routine daily operations can impact your projects and ultimately influence your firm’s financial success.

During this User Group, we’ll discuss:

  • Labor / Payroll Reconciliation is a commonly overlooked yet pivotal business process. Join us as we review the process and best practices for reconciling your Vision/Vantagepoint labor data with external payroll records. We will also review the intricacies of adjusting salary job costs (ASJC), empowering you to enhance cost accuracy.
  • Imagine a realm where timesheets are not a burden but a catalyst for precision and promptness. In this segment, we will highlight best practice strategies for handling time-related data in Vision/Vantagepoint. From seamless time transfers and changes, we’ll equip you with the latest tips and tricks to amplify timesheet accuracy and submission efficiency.
Our Presenters
Susan Patrick

Susan Patrick

Mike Williams

Mike Williams

On Demand | Time is Money: Optimizing Deltek Vison/Vantagepoint for Profitability

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