Ajera User Group: Common Ajera Setup Issues That Create Underlying Payroll Wage Reporting Issues

May 08, 2024
01:30pm-02:30pm EDT
SN's Skills & Performance Institute

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Common Ajera Setup Issues That Impact Payroll Accuracy

When engaging with clients we commonly find behind the scenes setup issues that impact the accuracy of your outsourced payroll vendor invoice. We want to help you avoid these!

Join Connie Haakinson and Shawna Pace-Powers as they help you tackle those pesky payroll issues that can steal your time and cause frustration with the accuracy of data output.

During this User Group, you’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid employee data entry errors that lead to inaccurate payroll processing.
  • Eliminate timing issues with employee pay updates that impact expense, payable accruals, and payroll variance.
  • Have more clarity and comfort with the payroll variance being calculated by Ajera.
  • Set up employee records the right way for smooth, automatic accrual calculations.

Walk away with the skills to process payroll with confidence, save valuable time, and have confidence in payroll cost reporting. 

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Our Presenters
Shawna Pace Powers

Shawna Pace-Powers

Connie Balius Haakinson Stambaugh Ness

Connie Haakinson

SPI | Ajera User Group: Common Ajera Setup Issues That Create Underlying Payroll Wage Reporting Issues

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