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Technology is the beating heart of a successful business. Without proper care, everything else is thrown off balance. A strategic approach to technology positions you on the right course with expertise and insight specific to your industry.


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CTO CIO | Stambaugh Ness

A majority of businesses aren’t large enough to justify the need for a full-time Chief Technology Officer or Chief Information Officer. But we believe that every business deserves to benefit from the deep expertise that these positions bring.

With SN’s Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO) and Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) your firm can formulate strategic IT goals, plan IT budget, reimagine business processes, and facilitate technology changes. Your vCTO/vCIO has one goal – to align your business with today’s rapid technology advances.

Proactive Gets Results.

Managing technology often proves to be a full-time job filled with challenges and frustrations. With that in mind, we designed a Technology Business Process Assessment (BPA). Quickly identify potential security concerns, implement hardware/software updates, develop a plan for future growth and network scalability, maximize current resources and infrastructure, and evaluate the benefits of on-premise versus cloud solutions, all while keeping your business objectives in consideration.

Expect the Unexpected.

Disaster Recovery Planning | Stambaugh Ness

A well thought out disaster recovery plan ensures that you are prepared for anything. Our specialists walk you through a step-by-step process considering your people, processes, and technology to customize a plan to avoid significant loss with minimal business disruption.

Delivering confidence that critical systems and processes will continue following a disaster situation, we help turn your worst-case scenario into a mere bump in the road.

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