Decoding 5 Myths Holding You Back from Managed Security Services (MSS)

decoding 5 myths managed security services mss
July 11, 2024

IT managers and directors often grapple with the decision to outsource security services. Managed Security Services (MSS) can offer numerous advantages, yet several myths deter organizations from making the leap. In this blog, we’ll debunk the most common myths to provide a clear picture of how MSS can complement and enhance your IT department’s efforts.

From concerns about cost and control to fears about damaging the IT department’s reputation, we will address these misconceptions head-on, offering a reality check to help you make informed decisions about your organization’s security strategy.

The Myth: In-House Teams Are Always Better

Many IT professionals believe that in-house teams are always better than outsourcing security. It’s understandable because no one knows your infrastructure better than your team. There’s comfort in having direct oversight of the security measures within the organization.

The Reality Check

Due to the sophistication of cyber threats, security has become a highly specialized role. Outsourcing is the perfect alternative to full-time security hires to keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape, manage and maintain complex security tools, and respond to incidents 24/7.

MSS provides access to highly specialized experts who are dedicated to monitoring and protecting your infrastructure around the clock and staying updated on the latest threats and best practices. Plus, you benefit from having direct access to advanced tools and technologies that many in-house teams don’t have the resources for.

Myth #2: Outsourcing MSS is Too Expensive

A common misconception is that outsourcing Managed Security Services is too expensive. This belief often stems from the upfront costs associated with MSS, but it’s essential to consider the broader picture.

The Reality Check

When evaluating costs, it’s crucial to account for the hidden expenses of maintaining an in-house security team. These include salaries, continuous training, purchasing and updating security tools, and the potential costs of a security breach due to inadequate protection.

MSS can be more cost-effective in the long run. MSS providers spread their costs across multiple clients, allowing them to invest in advanced technologies and skilled personnel, resulting in better protection and value.

It is common for a company to significantly reduce its security expenditures after switching to an MSS provider while improving its overall security posture.

Myth #3: Loss of Control Over Security

Many IT managers are concerned that outsourcing managed security services means losing control over their security operations. This myth can prevent organizations from leveraging MSS’s benefits.

The Reality Check

Outsourcing MSS doesn’t mean giving up control. Instead, it involves collaborating with experts who are an extension of your in-house team. MSS providers work closely with your organization, ensuring transparency and providing regular reports, updates, and insights into your security posture, allowing you to stay informed and in control. You gain access to advanced threat intelligence and proactive measures without losing oversight.

Myth #4: MSS Providers are One-Size-Fits-All

We hear this one frequently, and at least for SN, it’s definitely not accurate. No one likes a cookie-cutter approach, especially when it comes to protecting your company and its data.

The Reality Check

We understand that each organization and industry have unique security requirements. Our team works closely with every client to offer customized solutions tailored to their specific needs, industry, and scale. This personalized approach ensures that your security strategy aligns perfectly with your business goals.

Myth# 5: Only Large Companies Benefit From MSS

There’s a widespread belief that only large enterprises benefit from Managed Security Services (MSS). This myth can prevent small and medium-sized businesses from leveraging MSS’s advantages.

The Reality Check

MSS is scalable and beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Small and medium-sized businesses often lack the resources to maintain a robust in-house security team, making MSS an ideal solution to ensure high-level protection without significant overhead.

MSS provides scalable, cost-effective solutions that benefit businesses of all sizes. Small and medium-sized enterprises can achieve the same level of protection as large enterprises, ensuring their security needs are met without compromising their budget.

Myth #6: MSS Will Make My IT Department Look Bad

A prevalent myth among IT managers is the concern that outsourcing Managed Security Services (MSS) will reflect poorly on their IT department.

The Reality Check

This concern is completely understandable, but we’re here to tell you that outsourcing does not indicate inadequacy. On the contrary, outsourcing is a strategic decision that reflects positively on the IT department’s commitment to securing the organization with the best possible resources.

Engaging an MSS provider showcases an IT department’s foresight and dedication to enhancing security. MSS providers bring specialized expertise and advanced technologies that complement the existing IT team, allowing them to focus on core business functions and strategic initiatives.

Next Steps

Don’t let misconceptions hold your security back. We partner with IT departments across the country to strengthen defenses in the most cost-effective and strategic ways. Reach out today to discuss how Managed Security Services can boost your security.

Phil Keeney - Stambaugh Ness