Technology Demands a Seat at the Table.

Technology Services

More than ever before, your business is dependent upon technology. It impacts not only how you conduct day-to-day business, but your ability to achieve corporate goals. Stambaugh Ness recognizes the need to approach technology strategically and thoughtfully to improve your competitive positioning and maximize your IT investment.

Our professionals pinpoint areas where technology-related challenges are impeding your growth and develop a plan that resolves issues and guides you step-by-step in implementing change.

Reduce Worry. Increase Profit.

Managed IT Support

An outsourced IT support team understands how technology should work and how to utilize it to keep your business running smoothly.

SN can provide full-time or part-time outsourced IT services to free up your valuable resources and take the burden of technology off your shoulders.


Staying Safe, in an Unsafe World.

In today’s security climate, data has become the new currency. Regardless of size, every organization has valuable data that makes them a target. Information security services help you prevent and protect confidential data and detect internal and external threats and remain operational should a security attack occur.


Fast. Easy. Secure.

Cloud Computing HostingCloud computing is critical with every new technology shift and internet landscape threat, which is what makes staying ahead of things a full-time job that most organizations can’t undertake. Rely on experts for your cloud strategy and feel confident in your digital transformation plan.



A Path to Innovation & Growth.

IT StrategiesTechnology isn’t just a department; it’s a foundation to grow your business. Managing in today’s disruptive environment means taking a different perspective than you did last year.

It requires an anticipatory look at cloud strategy, IT budget planning, risk management, disaster recovery planning, IT assessment and planning, communications carrier services, and much more.

Reimagine Everything.

Digital TransformationIf you aren’t willing to change business as usual, your competition will.

Digital is here to stay, and so are the expectations of your clients. The company that isn’t continuously moving forward is at risk. SN works with you to remove barriers to innovation and discover opportunities that deliver a competitive advantage.



Phil Keeney- Stambaugh Ness

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Managing Director, Technology Solutions





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