Business Improvement Strategies for Successful Transitions

August 10, 2021
02:00pm-03:00pm EDT
Previously Recorded

AEC firms are in a continual state of transition, with new leaders emerging, senior leaders retiring, and executives planning for the future. The focus tends to be on improving core service offerings, often at the expense of the organization’s business aspects.

Whether working to develop next-generation talent inside a firm or positioning a company for potential acquisition, it is critical to evaluate and improve non-core areas, including professional development, strategic planning, marketing and business development, knowledge sharing, culture, and financial management.

SN’s AE Advisory Group members Kate Allen and Scott Butcher share ideas for business improvement that will help develop your business acumen and position your firm for future success.

After watching this, you’ll:

  • Understand opportunities for business improvement within an AEC firm.
  • Identify gaps in strategy and areas for improvement.
  • Prepare your firm for the future by enhancing business acumen.

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