A Resource Hub for AE Government Contractors

In the world of federal procurement guidelines, transparency, quality, and fairness are paramount when it comes to the procurement of architectural and engineering services by government agencies. Navigate this complex landscape with confidence and precision through our resource hub tailored for AE firms. 

Explore the following Government Contracting and Federal Procurement Resources:

GovCon Related Laws


Federal procurement guidelines, as they relate to Architectural and Engineering (AE) firms, ensure transparency, quality, and fairness in the procurement of architectural and engineering services by government agencies.


LETTING OF CONTRACTS, and Project Approval and Oversight

Insight into vital information on the Letting of Contracts for federal highway projects and ensure you’re well-prepared and compliant with federal regulations.

Cost Accounting Standards

Gain insights into Cost Accounting Standards, an essential element for contract auditing.


Procurement, Management, and Administration of Engineering and Design Related Services

Compliance regulations for the procurement and management of engineering and design services on federally funded projects that promote an equitable and cost-effective selection process and timely execution.


Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

A comprehensive resource for information related to federal government procurement and acquisition processes.


Federal Travel Regulation (FTR)

Determine per diem rates for meals and lodging as per Federal Travel Regulation, essential for cost control in your contacts.


AASHTO Audit Guide

Examine auditing and reporting procedures related to Architectural and Engineering (AE) firms’ costs for engineering and design services on federal, state, and local transportation projects with this free resource.

DCAA Pamphlet

Understand and take charge of your labor management and compliance with guidance from the DCAA.


FHWA 172 Q&A

Categorized questions and answers to enhance your understanding of federal requirements and FHWA policies regarding engineering and design-related consultant services.


DCAA – Contract Audit Manual (DCAM)

Explore the Selected Area of Cost Guidebook to gain valuable insights into cost principles and stay updated on topics like bonuses, joint ventures, and pensions to enhance your understanding of government contract auditing.


DCAA Audit: Evaluating Uncompensated Overtime

Understand and take charge of your labor management and compliance under the Fair Labor Standards (FLSA).


Government Auditing Standard (GAGAS)

Your go-to resource to elevate your auditing standards, ensuring government accountability and staying compliant.


National Compensation Matrix

Access the NCM and additional available resources to develop and compare your Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) allowable overhead rates.


Treasury Interest Rates for FCCM

Explore the prompt payment interest rates for the Department of the Treasury from January 2017 to June 2023.


GSA Standard Form 1408 (SF-1408)

Demonstrate your readiness and ability to meet the accounting requirements of a contract.


The History of Federal Government Contracting Regulations

Uncover the stories and regulations that have shaped federal contracting and gain a deeper understanding of the data, how it is reported, and where to find it.