The Project Management Trifecta

Project Management Services | Stambaugh NessYou want your firm to be as profitable as possible, and you want your projects to come in on-time and on-budget. But, does your current state of Project Management advance those goals or is it holding you back?

Project Management is a discipline that incorporates People, Processes, and Technology to minimize risk and optimize results. If done well it provides firms with a tremendous competitive advantage.

Applying over 30 years of specialized expertise in project management for Architecture and Engineering firms, we collaborate with you to apply best practices, maximize workflow processes and utilize enhanced reporting for increased efficiency and profitability.

Find out more about how People, Processes, and Technology work together to strengthen project performance and profitability. Managing projects is an action, not a title.

Empowering Your Project Managers

Project ManagersThe Challenges:

· Are your Project Manager’s inexperienced?
· Do you promote with little to no Project Manager training?
· Are your Project Manager’s disengaged and uninspired?

Answering “yes” to any of these questions means you have a tremendous amount of opportunity to improve your firm’s overall performance and profitability. Exciting isn’t it?

The Solutions:

Services that position your project managers for greater success starting before they even become a PM. Collaborating with you, we create a robust Project Management plan that fosters excellence including:

· Developing Formal/Documented PM roles
· Defining the path to become a PM
· Training to manage projects and leverage technology
· Educating on the financial implications of managing a project
· Documenting performance measurement goals
· Creating strategic compensation/performance reviews

Improving Your Processes

Project Management ProcessesProcesses should tie into every stage of the project lifecycle and above all, they should be consistent. Project management with no defined process or consistency will result in inconsistent outcomes.

The Challenges:

· Inconsistent standards across the firm
· Scope Creep
· An inconsistent following of procedures
· Lack of PM leadership

The Solutions:

Working closely with your team, we assess your current processes from start-to-finish to gain a deeper understanding of what works and what could be improved. Services in this area, include:

· Assessing your firm to build a customized program that meets your objectives
· Creating a Project Management standards manual
· Formalizing a Go/No-Go assessment tool
· Developing a team of PM champions to lead and mentor
· Hosting a PM Bootcamp that takes a deep dive into skills and competencies that empower PM’s to succeed.
· PM Training Program. One and done training doesn’t work, so we provide a series of courses to encourage accountability.

Proactively Leverage Your Technology

Project Management TechnologyTechnology is moving at a rapid pace and to be successful firms need to not only keep up, but stay ahead. As an anticipatory organization, we are technology-driven and work with you to utilize technology as a competitive advantage.

The Challenges:

· Software solutions that aren’t being fully leveraged
· Working with technology that isn’t made for project-based firms
· Using multiple systems that don’t talk to each other
· Lack of reports and real-time data

The Solutions:

Don’t assume your PMs understand the technology tools that are currently at their disposal.

· Training sessions to properly utilize technology tools and get the most out of your investment
· Identifying and reporting KPIs

Valerie Higgins - Stambaugh NessContact: Valerie Higgins

Managing Director, Project Management & Ajera Consulting