Ajera PMO – Scalable, Accountable, Profitable

Ajera Project Management OfficeBy implementing a Project Management Office (PMO), your firm establishes project accountability and oversight. A PMO is something every firm needs, but many are simply too busy or lack the resources to implement it internally. With deep Ajera and AE industry knowledge, SN’s PMO services remove those roadblocks and provide you with experts who focus solely on the lifeblood of your firm, its projects

What exactly does a PMO do? It clearly defines and maintains project management standards across your organization; is a centralized keeper of all things project related including status, documentation, next steps, metrics, and performance stats all geared towards ensuring projects are completed on-time and on-budget.

Learn if your firm could benefit from a PMO and what level of PMO support makes sense.

Benefits That Increase Profitability

What is a PMO?Yes, most firms can benefit, many significantly, from a PMO. Telltale signs include projects that are delivered late and over budget; PM’s don’t have ownership of successful project delivery; clients don’t receive appropriate project status updates. project standardization does not exist.; accountability is lacking; WIP and AR balances aren’t current; everyone is too busy to review project performance.

Experts to Guide Your Success

Project Management Oversight

Oversight services include consistent communication and meeting with both PM’s and leadership, plus high-level reporting metrics to help guide you towards success.

· Weekly check-in & review of project performance metrics and utilization
· Monthly meeting with principals & attendance at internal PM meetings
· PM Scorecard & Performance Dashboard
· Tasks by EE and PM
· KPI, PIC & Project Analysis Dashboards

Lifting the Project Burden

Project Management Office

With full PMO services, you receive start-to-finish management of your projects to ensure accountability and execution of your firm’s initiatives.

· Project Setup & Change Management – Peer Review & Recommendation
· Resource Planning Assist
· Data Grooming Review & Assist (RPC, Dates, Phase Status, Project Status/Closure)

Putting Accountability First

Project Management Office Standards Guidebook

Consistently followed standards and guidelines are essential to successful project performance and are the foundation for accountability. The PMO sets the stage not only by creating and publishing standards, but also by ensuring they are abided by every team member on every project.

· PM Responsibilities & Workflows
· Tools and KPI Goals
· PM Development Path & Role Descriptions

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