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AE Firm NextGen Outsourcing

The Challenge

After twenty years of service, the Controller at an engineering firm announced his retirement. Among the employees, he was a valued resource and respected colleague, especially for his analytical and problem-solving skills. As the executive leadership team began to discuss finding a replacement, they had differing views of who should fill the void. Some felt they now needed a higher-level CFO, while others thought they could function successfully with a mid-level accounting manager. Some believed they should look for a person with similar skill sets, while others saw a need for very different ones. They landed at a crossroads not knowing which direction to turn, placing the wellbeing of their financials in jeopardy.

The Solution

Failing to see eye-to-eye and losing valuable time, they sought the help of an industry workforce expert.

Guiding them through the process, their SN consultant emphasized that this was an opportunity to reevaluate who they are as an organization and where they want to be. A company doesn’t necessarily need to look for a replica of the person who is leaving. On the contrary, most often an organization will find that they now need different skill sets. During the initial session with the employees, they discovered that while the current Controller was skilled in certain areas, he was not open to change and embracing technology, and as a result, held the firm back in many ways. This type of honest discussion had never taken place until their outside consultant helped them peel back layers to get to the root of what would be best for their future.

The firm was encouraged to take their time, and find the right person, instead of rushing to fill the role. They discovered that by utilizing outsourced accounting services, they could fill the gap between the current Controller leaving and their new hire starting. SN challenged leadership to consider the role that technology should play in their day-to-day business and to anticipate how it will impact their future. It quickly became evident that the new Controller would need to lead the efforts in leveraging an ERP system. Because of this revelation, the team decided to rewrite the Controller job description and implement several new recruiting strategies recommended by their consultant.

The Results

By utilizing outsourced controller services, the firm was able to be much more strategic about their new hire. It allowed them to take time to find the right person for not only the role but the culture. Now they have a Controller in place that can support their vision for the future and help them make more strategic, forward-thinking business decisions. By hiring someone with a strong technology background executive leadership now has access to real-time financial dashboards and metrics which are proving to be critically important in several of their growth initiatives. The firm is more confident than ever before that they are making the best decisions to ensure success not only now, but for the future.

Change is difficult, which is one reason it ends up at the bottom of the priorities list. But be assured disruption can and has impacted highly successful companies no matter their size, industry or profit margin. If you want to jump start your future, but aren’t sure how, reach out to our NextGen team today.

About Stambaugh Ness

Stambaugh Ness is a multi-discipline, professional services firm serving clients nationally with a strategic focus on the architecture and engineering, professional services, construction and real estate, manufacturing, not-for-profit, and governmental industries.  Through the Stambaugh Ness family of companies, clients have access to a sophisticated menu of services including compliance, business advisory, technology, and workforce solutions.

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