AE Firm Overcomes Change Management Challenges and Turns Into a Growth-Driven Machine

The ChallengeAE Firm Overcomes Change Management

Members of the senior leadership team expressed concern about two colleagues who always looked at new ideas as though they were a glass half empty. This was extremely frustrating to those who were excited about the future of the firm, and the potential growth opportunities available. The two individuals who appeared to have a negative mindset, resisted change and didn’t always understand the value of investing in smarter technology. They strongly believed in the existing business approach and didn’t understand the need to make any changes. Overall, this disconnect meant the company was at a growth standstill with tensions rising, and morale falling.

The Solution

Very often difficult conversations become much more manageable by bringing in a non-biased third party. The first step was for SN to talk one-on-one with each leader to meet them where they were, not where others wanted them to be.

During these conversations, the fears and issues causing the most concern were uncovered and discussed in depth. Once everything was out on the table, SN brought all the leaders together to develop a plan to move the firm ahead in a way that felt less overwhelming and more comfortable. By the end of the engagement mutual respect and trust were regained and as a team, the leaders were able to collaborate on ideas to pre-solve the anticipated challenges.

By partnering with SN, the firm was able to turn what had become an “us” vs “them” situation into one team with one mission.

The Results

Working through their “past vs. future” issues in a strategic, step by step way resulted in a winning collaboration that is leveraging the talent and experience of legacy leaders to help grow the firm, instead of losing them or becoming a divisive workplace. Legacy mindsets don’t have to cripple your business. Working through these challenges with a workforce expert removes the roadblocks that appear when different opinions exist within a leadership team.

At the end of the day, the firm’s senior leaders are now embracing the same future-ready mindset and are a united front in leading their firm proactively into the NextGen. The fear of change and technology was minimized, people stepped out of their comfort zones, and legacy mindsets were left in the past, allowing the organization to take a huge leap forward in their journey.

If you are ready to hit the reset button on your future, reach out to our NextGen team today.

About Stambaugh Ness

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