Ajera Outsourced Accounting Leads to Increased Profitability

Architecture firm leverages Ajera outsourced accounting expertise for greater success & growth.

Most architects aren’t trained in accounting and finance. So, while Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture (BRS Architecture), a 40-person architecture firm based in Denver, was well positioned as design experts, they weren’t as knowledgeable about running the firm’s financial operations, When Keith Hayes, a Principal and Business Partner, stepped into the CFO role, he recognized the need for better financial management.

“Most architects’ education and training does not focus on accounting and running a firm’s financial operations. The last thing architects care about is accounting. We get excited creating beautiful designs,”

Knowing the significance of financial operations in driving the firm’s profitability and growth, Keith sought a solution.

Ajera Outsourced Accounting Success Story

Deltek Ajera for Project-Based Success

Under Keith’s leadership, BRS Architecture adopted Deltek Ajera, a project management and accounting system built specifically with the project-based firm in mind. With Ajera’s easy-to-use system in place, BRS Architecture quickly streamlined processes and improved its financial reporting. With timely and accurate numbers, the firm was able to make more informed and strategic business decisions.

Outsourcing for Profitability & Growth

When a key accountant left, BRS Architecture opted to outsource their project accounting to Stambaugh Ness (SN), a Deltek Pros® firm, instead of hiring a replacement. The decision to outsource accounting services eliminated the need for additional hires, saving the firm significant costs. According to Keith:

“Instead of having two full-time project accountants on staff, our Deltek Pro is providing the service we need for less than the cost of a single full-time employee.”

But the benefits didn’t end there. Partnering with SN provided BRS Architecture with direct access to experts in accounting, the architecture and engineering industry, and the Ajera platform. This trifecta of knowledge and insight sets the stage for accelerated success and growth.

Deltek Ajera Benefits

Proving to be much more than a service provider, the SN team provided high-level guidance and resources, including monthly metrics, transforming BRS Architecture into a more financially proactive firm. Outsourcing enhanced BRS Architecture’s financial confidence, providing clarity and accuracy for both internal and external financial presentations and facilitating more strategic decision-making.

“It’s been a great experience working with them, they really know what they are doing. We encourage people who are considering outsourced accounting services to look at Deltek products and, more importantly, find Deltke Pros for these services to optimize architectural firm operations.”

As the go-to national AE firm, SN’s Deltek Pros not only know Ajera, but they also know the industry. Streamline your processes and empower smarter decisions with Ajera Outsourced Accounting  – let’s start a conversation.