Vantagepoint/Vision Virtual User Group: Rate Tables

May 19, 2021
01:30pm-02:30pm EDT
Previously Recorded

The SN Deltek Vantagepoint/Vision Virtual User Group Meeting is a monthly virtual event where we will discuss the new capabilities, features and new enhancements to the Deltek Vantagepoint / Deltek Vision Solutions.


Best Practices for Rate Tables and their impact on Opportunity Estimates & In-Pursuit Plans

When you think of rate tables, you think of hourly billing, but there’s so much more to rates. For example, how can you monitor project performance or budgets without having the proper rates on your projects? Or know if you’re hitting your targets? Or forecast future work?

Join SN’s Deltek consulting team as they discuss best practices for establishing Billing Rate Tables.

We’ll review the different types of rate tables for Labor and Expenses, and how they impact various areas of Vision/Vantagepoint. We’ll also share details on how Rate Tables are used to create Estimates for Opportunities and/or In-Pursuit Projects within Service Estimates (Vision); Project Estimates (Vantagepoint); and Resource Planning.

On Demand | Billing Rate Tables & Opportunity / Pursuit Planning

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