Master PTO Accruals for Outsourced Payroll in Ajera

July 10, 2024
01:30pm-02:30pm EDT
SN's Skills & Performance Institute

SN’s Ajera Virtual User Group, where like-minded individuals from project-based firms converge for the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and, most importantly, grow. We’re bringing together thought leaders in Architecture & Engineering, finance, and technology to help you map your future.

Based on recent feedback surveyed from many of our Ajera users, SN’s Ajera experts, Val Higgins & Shawna Pace-Powers, will provide a deep dive into the PTO accruals for outsourced payroll in Ajera. Join Shawna as she leads us through the PTO Accrual setup process, balance reporting, and financial reporting.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set Up PTO Accrual Pays: Establish automated PTO accrual processes for your team.
  • Load PTO Beginning Balances: Ensure accurate tracking from day one.
  • Manage PTO Accruals: Gain control over PTO accrual calculations and reporting.

Optimize your Ajera system for efficient and stress-free PTO management. Don’t miss this opportunity, sign up today!

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Our Presenters
Valerie Higgins

Valerie Higgins

Shawna Pace Powers

Shawna Pace-Powers

SPI | Master PTO Accruals for Outsourced Payroll in Ajera

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