Measuring and Moving Key Performance Metrics thru Benchmarking

March 16, 2023
02:00pm-03:00pm EDT
Previously Recorded

One thing that top-performing AE firms have in common is that they monitor and manage key performance metrics; and compare them to firms with similar business models. Within the current economic environment, recognizing opportunities to improve performance, including profitability, can be enhanced through benchmarking.

A recent SN survey revealed that improving profits in 2023 is one of the main priorities in the AE industry, but while many firms know the key metrics, they often struggle to know how to influence them directly.

Join Kate Allen and Brad Wilson to learn how to measure and move your metrics for performance. Plus, hear key insights from their experiences helping firms improve and plan for performance.

During this web event, you’ll learn:

  • The connection between financial statements and key performance indicators through benchmarking.
  • Key strategies for impacting the critical metrics for AE Firm performance.
  • How and when you should explore and share financial data with your staff.

On Demand | Measuring and Moving Key Performance Metrics thru Benchmarking

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