Enhance Success with the Right Tools
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When you provide your team with the tools to advance their professional growth, you empower them to significantly impact your overall success. You’ve already hired great employees; now take that next step to enhance their skills.

Training programs are completely customizable, range from half-day to multi-day, and can be done 100% virtually in 1-2 hour increments.

Driving Growth by Empowering Employees

Training Coaching | Stambaugh NessOur training takes traditional and turns it upside down, focusing instead on developing skills that your employees can apply every day to enhance their value from a personal level and your firm’s marketing and business development initiatives. Training empowers your employees to contribute and become part of your firm’s success. It also helps reduce turnover and assist with staff development goals.

All training programs are AEC industry-specific and include:

· Seller-Doer
· Proposals
· Personal Branding
· Marketing Foundations
· Networking
· Business Development
· Presentation Skills
· Trends
· Market Research
· Soft Skills

Strengthening from the Inside Out

Training Coaching | Stambaugh NessWorking one-on-one with your professionals, SN can help them to enhance skills in a variety of marketing and business development areas. Our trainings are designed to produce more confident employees and thus increase the value of your firm.

Working with AE firms for 25+ years, Scott Butcher brings an understanding of how to leverage individual strengths and personality traits for maximum results.

Driving Growth by Empowering Employees

Training CoachingTraining Program Development

Consulted with a 250-person environmental firm headquartered in Ohio and serving the Midwest. Assisted in the creation of a new business development training program to be delivered by in-house Subject Matter Experts. Developed a 12-month program comprising major quarterly training and lunch-and-learn check-ins in between. Reviewed materials as they were developed and made recommendations for improvements and other resources. Facilitated several introductions to external professionals to serve as guest speakers.

Seller Doer TrainingSeller-Doer Training

Provided quarterly business development training for an environmental engineering firm headquartered in Orlando, FL. The program was built around full-day sessions, delivered at two locations within the firm's geographic footprint. The company has more than 800 employees and annual revenues in excess of $80 million. Training was focus was for front-line technical staff to elevate their business development skills to generate more repeat business and allow the company's dedicated business developers to focus on new client acquisition.

Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM | Stambaugh NessContact: Scott Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM

Director, Strategic Growth Advisory