From Strategy to Execution

Managing an acquisition requires tremendous resources and can be a significant distraction from the business of running your firm. SN’s M&A professionals partner with you to be those resources, guiding you through what is often one of the biggest challenges a firm will experience.

Working solely with AE firms, we call on our deep industry knowledge and experience to simplify a complicated process and help you realize the full potential of your transaction and your future.

Experience unparalleled AE industry understanding and insight that is as unique as your firm.

Finding the Perfect Match

To reach your goals, you first need to discover the right firm. SN’s M&A experts walk you through every step of this critical process. After defining your search criteria, we leverage our extensive AE database, as well as external industry resources, to develop a customized list of targets. Next, your SN team will conduct detailed research and analysis of each firm and initiate contact to determine interest.

As a client, you are able to take full advantage of our experience serving 1,000+ AE/Professional Service firms in all 50 states. This deep insight into the AE industry delivers both confidence and a significant competitive advantage during the M&A process.


Knowledge is Power

An accurate valuation is a key component of any merger or acquisition as it impacts critical decisions. Based on our significant experience in the AE industry, SN uses a variety of methods to provide a comprehensive and reliable business valuation estimate of your target firm. This extensive approach helps identify and minimize issues that can arise from a valuation that is either too high or too low.

After our detailed data analysis, you will receive a probable fair market value that can be utilized in a viable acquisition model for your firm.


Pulling All the Details Together

Based on your unique circumstances, potential deal structure scenarios will be discussed with you. SN’s M&A experts will help you determine the best structure, and then prioritize critical financial and operational considerations. A term sheet that can be converted into a letter of intent will be prepared for you. Additionally, this sheet can be used to confirm the financial expectations between firms to ensure alignment. Once both firms have agreed to move forward,  SN’s M&A experts will guide you in considering the critical acquisition factors. The final step during this phase will be to prepare a Letter of Intent (LOI).

Success is in the Details

SN will work with you and the prospective seller to develop a detailed, mutually acceptable due diligence plan. Although the scope of due diligence is typically proposed by your attorneys and accountants, our goal is to ensure that the process is well planned and that disruption is minimal. Our deep AE experience allows us to advise you on what requests are most suitable and germane to successful completion of the transaction.

SN’s role during this stage typically includes:

· Coordinate internal resources
· Build and maintain consensus and buy-in
· Manage the process by collaborating with your legal and tax counsel
· Provide support and advocacy during negotiations
· Assist with purchase agreement
· Plan internal/external transaction announcement
· Develop post-integration plan


Jeffrey Adams Director Mergers & Acquisitions | Stambaugh Ness
Contact: Jeff Adams, CPA

Director, Mergers & Acquisitions