Transforming Doers into Sellers

Transforming-Doers-Sellers-Case-StudyHow do you engage your doers to become more active in the business development process? This was the question facing Orlando, FL-based Universal Engineering Sciences (UES), an 800-person environmental firm serving the southeastern United States and expanding along the eastern seaboard. Although they have two dozen dedicated business developers, UES initiated a campaign to encourage their technical professionals to become more engaged in business development, particularly to generate repeat work with their existing clients. This in turn would allow the business development team to focus on generating new client opportunities.

Scott Butcher was commissioned to develop a quarterly training program, which was delivered throughout 2019. Although the focus was primarily to help doers generate more work from existing clients, elements of training included new client development so technical staff could better understand the process as well as learn how they can assist the firm’s business development team moving forward.

Training was broken into four daylong sessions, conducted offsite. In turn, each session was segmented into focused modules, with 90 minutes devoted to reinforcing previously-learned concepts at the beginning of Sessions 2-4. In total, 70 UES staff members participated – some for all four sessions, others for one to three. Participants included project managers, branch managers, discipline leaders, and field personnel. The first three sessions were held in both Jacksonville and Tampa, with a single combined final session in Orlando, where participants received certificates for completing the program. In total, 22 hours of training was delivered.

Training content was reinforced via several activities each session, allowing participants to learn from one- another, enjoy collaboration with their colleagues, and challenge themselves to think – and act – beyond their typical comfort levels. Modules included:

Seller Doer Training Case Study | Stambaugh Ness

Module topics for the first three sessions were selected by the firm’s VP of Sales, while participants were surveyed to determine topics for Session 4. Scott was also retained to provide a daylong “Selling with DISC” program for the UES business development team.