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A BDO Benchmarking Survey

No two nonprofits are the same – every organization is shaped by its unique history, mission, size, goals, and community – but the sector shares a unifying commonality to advance their mission.

For more than a century, BDO has been working with nonprofits, gaining a unique window into the change-making work of diverse organizations throughout the United States. In its second consecutive year, the BDO Institute for Nonprofit Excellence℠ has surveyed 100 not-for-profit organizations across a variety of sectors and sizes on key performance drivers such as strategic planning, human resources, operations, scope and impact, and governance matters to create the Nonprofit Standards.

This national benchmarking survey will provide insights into peer’s metrics and practices providing you with the tools you need to bridge financial gaps, update policies and encourage proactive conversations to move your mission forward.

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BDO: Nonprofit Standards Benchmark Survey

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