Providing project managers with a comprehensive view of project billing information in a single report.

Stambaugh Ness has developed the Billing Review Report to give project managers a detailed report that provides a comprehensive view of the project billing information into a single report.

The Billing Review Report includes information such as:

  • Unposted LaboDeltek Vision Billing Review Reportr
  • Billing amounts for Direct Expenses / Consultants
  • Job to Date (JTD) Billed and Fees for all levels of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Fees
  • JTD Spent and Fees (amounts included in the fee only) for all levels of the WBS and Fees (amount included in the fee only)
  • Overall% Complete & Lump Sum for Phased Fix Fee and Fixed Fee
  • Actual% Complete & Actual Amount Complete for Fee-Based Projects (amounts included in the fee only)
  • Hourly to a Max (Limits) Details
  • Retainer Summary
  • A/R Aging
  • Billing Terms Information
  • The Report Prints Based on Transaction Activity
  • And much, much more!

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