Collaboration Made Easy

Deltek’s Kona Business is a social collaboration and productivity platform built specifically to empower your employees to connect, organize, and work more efficiently within a centralized space. Kona helps you improve your business functionality by connecting your people, processes and technology with easy to use conversation spaces, task lists, calendars, and file sharing. Kona Business allows you to store conversations, important documents, key deliverables, and major milestones all within a unified context so teams can identify and solve problems all while staying on top of deadlines and deliverables.

KonaCreate Conversations

Kona is designed to be “conversation-centric”, everyone within your Kona Business account is connected to a Private Social Network. This allows your entire company to create conversations, share a calendar to discuss events and deadlines, or launch a survey or poll.

Improve Productivity

Eliminate the emails and discuss your topics, tasks, events, meetings, and files all within context using Kona instant messaging or notes. Share your tasks or to-do’s in a group and eliminate the disconnect from tracking the information elsewhere. Download Kona’s free mobile app on your Android, iPhone or tablet and keep track off all your work from anywhere.

Stay Organized

Create specific spaces around your project for team members to communicate in the context of the topics, tasks, events, and files. Share with internal or external team members, groups, and even clients. If you prefer not to upload files directly to your Kona space – Kona’s integration with DropBox, Box, Google Docs, and SharePoint links allows you to attach files and communicate around them regardless of where they originate or exist. Keep everyone informed of major milestones, events, and deadlines with the shared calendars.

Secure & Private

Kona Business is designed to only share information with the people that you are connected to in business and life – in your Kona spaces, unlike most other social media networks who make the information you share public.

Deltek treats all the information within Kona as classified and will never migrate or be used outside the live Kona network. All files stored on the Kona servers are protected through encryption.

The user interface is designed to provide you and your company with peace of mind and trust. Read Kona privacy policy and Kona security for more information.