User-Defined Component Analyzer (UDCA)


If you’re looking for that “wow” factor, UDCA checks the box. Over time as you use your Vision/Vantagepoint system it becomes overwhelmed with too much data. This is especially true if you have merged systems or a high volume of imports. The result is a large amount of data that your employees may not even be utilizing

UDCA sweeps your system for all user-defined fields, grids, tabs, etc. that have been created, tells you where they are located, and most importantly how often they are used. Understanding how the information in your system is or isn’t being utilized allows you to analyze and identify what can be cleaned up or removed completely. Too much unused data in a system impacts searching and can be a burden on efficiency.

What amazing things does UDCA deliver?

  • Administrator toolkit to streamline management of user-defined components
  • Summarizes all user-defined components (fields, grids, and info centers)
  • Data refreshes can be completed via workflow to track updates within the system
  • Details are shown in easy to digest fields/grids (including field utilization, security settings, etc.)
  • Available for both Vision and Vantagepoint

With UDCA you can focus on the data that is bringing results. Purchase Now

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UDCA sweeps all your user-defined components for the frequency of use and location so that you can keep your system neat and clean.