Security Table Analysis Report (STAR)


Security is meant to be just that, secure! But, it’s easy for security roles to get out of control quickly and become cumbersome. STAR comes to the rescue to give you a valuable overall visual of your security role permissions as well as the number of employees assigned to each role.

Stop creating new roles when they aren’t necessary. STAR allows you to delete roles that you aren’t using, merge roles that have the same access, and streamline your security.

What amazing things does STAR deliver?

  • Consolidated security table for Administrators
  • Summarizes all security role settings in a single place
  • Data is organized in a simple-to-digest format
  • Simplifies security reviews
  • Available for both Vision and Vantagepoint

STAR brings everything security-related into one centralized location. Purchase Now

Delivery Method: Upon purchase, a Deltek team member will contact you to set up delivery.

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