Missing Rates on Time Records (MissTR)


This tool identifies unposted and posted labor transactions that are missing billable rates. When you set up a project you assign it a rate table that dictates the rate on the time record. But sometimes your rate table is not set up to accommodate every team member working on the project and therefore it won’t be assigned properly. Catching this missing rate before it becomes a problem is key. With just one click the MissTR tool looks at time records and identifies any missing with rates, allowing you to quickly rectify the situation.

What amazing things does MissTr deliver?

  • Identifies time records that have no rates associated
  • Provides billing term and project details about the time record
  • Includes both posted and unposted time
  • Works in both Vision and Vantagepoint

Ensure greater accuracy in your time records with MissTR. Purchase Now

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With just one-click, MissTR will look at your time records and identify missing rates so you can quickly rectify them.