Ajera Outsourced Payroll: What to Do and What Not to Do


When it comes to payroll, there are many moving parts. Incorrectly tracking and processing payroll-related items can negatively impact your financial reporting. In fact, it’s so complex, that over the years we’ve helped clients fix several million dollars in improperly tracked payroll. Knowing what to do, and even more importantly what not to do can help you avoid negative consequences.

In this class, our Ajera experts will provide Outsourced Payroll training on best practices methods for:

  • Set up
  • Processing
  • Accruals
  • Reconciliation

Tools Provided:

  • Copy of the PowerPoint presentation
  • Recording of the Training
  • Payroll Reconciliation Inquiry
  • PTO Accrual Widget for Employee PTO Balances

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We helped our outsourced Ajera clients correct millions in improperly tracked payroll, now we share what we’ve learned with you!


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