Empower Your Financial Data: Power BI + Vantagepoint/Vision


Duration: 60-minutes
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In today’s data-driven environment businesses rely heavily on their ability to access real-time, accurate financial information. This data is essential for making both day-to-day and more complex, strategic business decisions. However, simply having data isn’t a competitive advantage; you need deep insight into that data to empower and elevate your firm.

Join our upcoming webinar where we’ll highlight how firms can better leverage financial metrics by comparing multiple inputs to see one consolidated view.

Our experts will provide attendees with a detailed look at Power BI financial dashboards, how to connect data between Power BI and Deltek Vantagepoint/Vision systems, and data modeling.

This webinar is ideal for roles including CEO/President; CFO; Controller; Accounting Manager.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Building a dashboard for maximum insight
  • Understanding benefits of Power BI data modeling
  • Leveraging multiple data inputs

Empower Your Financial Data: Power BI + Vantagepoint/Vision

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About the Presenters

Tom Hyde | Principal Technical Consultant, Power BI

As Principal Technical Consultant on the SN Power BI team, Tom leverages his over 20 years of data analytics experience to solve problems and drive growth for companies nationally. A believer in the power of information, Tom helps firms leverage their data to gain real-time insight, increased productivity, and competitive advantage.