Deltek Vantagepoint/Vision Virtual User Group Meeting

Deltek VantagepointDuration: 60-minutes
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The SN Deltek Vantagepoint/Vision Virtual User Group Meeting is a monthly virtual event where we will discuss the new capabilities, features and new enhancements to the Deltek Vantagepoint / Deltek Vision Solutions.


Preparing for Vantagepoint (the series)

  • Approval Engine Overview: Tired of chasing paper and people around the office? Let the Approval Engine in Vision and Vantagepoint automate the routing of things like AP invoices and expense reports so you can easily track their progress and keep them moving.
  • User-Defined Fields / Column Count: You’ve met SARA, you’ve met ELF, now it’s time to meet the latest addition to our family. This administrative tool will help you streamline the management of your user-defined components.

VUGM: Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint - 2020/02

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