Side Effects: How COVID Impacts R&D Credits

COVID R&D Credits | Stambaugh NessDuration: 60-minutes
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2020 has been a very turbulent year and impacted our lives in many unforeseen ways. Federal income taxes were no exception, as Congress responded with numerous relief acts to help ease the pandemic burden. Some of these actions have had unintended consequences that will directly impact your firm’s Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit.

Watch SN’s on-demand presentation where we will bring attention to many of these issues and discuss how to address them and maximize your tax savings using the credit.

Learning Objectives:

    • Understand recent changes impacting the R&D Tax Credit.
    • Learn how to address these changes and maximize your R&D Credit.
    • Discover insight into the future state of the R&D Tax Credit.

Webinar: Side Effects: How COVID Impacts R&D Credits

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About the Presenters

Tom Moul, CPA - Stambaugh Ness

Tom Moul, CPA | Director, Strategic Tax Advisory Services Group

Tom specializes in customized planning that increases tax efficiency by considering the unique big-picture needs and goals of each client. Working closely with companies, Tom outlines steps to minimize taxes, identify alternatives, and understand tax implications and structure transactions.

Additionally, Tom applies his tax expertise to clients who are conducting or considering conducting international business ventures. His love of sports has given Tom an appreciation for the positive impact of coaching which he applies to his every day work by helping and encouraging others.


Jen Nelson, CPA - Stambaugh NessJennifer Nelson, CPA, MBA | Managing Director, Tax Group

Jennifer leads clients through the complex world of federal, state and international taxation of corporations, partnerships and individuals. Additionally, she provides tax research, consultation, and compliance in the areas of accounting methods, international tax, multi-state taxation, tax credits, depreciation, entity selection and structure, and overall strategic tax planning and advisory services. In short, she knows a thing or two about taxes.

A tax specialist with a thing for history and the Civil War, Jennifer brings a unique perspective to her clients and with over 18 years of experience, she has seen just about every tax scenario. Her deep working knowledge of taxation has contributed to the success and profitability of clients in a diverse range of industries.

Kelly Morningstar | Stambaugh Ness

Kelly Morningstar, CPA, MBA | Director, Strategic Tax Services Group

Kelly is an experienced director who serves clients with tax compliance, planning, and strategic tax advisory services in a wide range of industries including architecture and engineering, manufacturing and distribution, and government contractors. She has worked extensively with corporations, pass-through entities, multi-state returns, individuals, IRS and state correspondences, and accounting for income taxes under ASC 740. Additionally, Kelly has specialized expertise in helping firms to enhance their cash flow by utilizing the research and development tax credit.


Nicki Boelens R&D Tax Consultant | Stambaugh Ness

Nicki Boelens | R&D Tax Consultant

Nicki performs Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit Studies for clients with a specialized focus in the Architectural and Engineering industry. She is highly skilled in the development of cost-benefit estimates and managing R&D projects including performance of the study and the generation of related reports and deliverables.