Back to the Future: A Time Travel Audit

August 26, 2020
02:00pm-02:30pm EDT
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Today’s rapid pace of change means that operating in the present simply isn’t enough. Your workforce and your business must be anticipatory and future driven.

Your organization is likely experiencing three distinct time orientation mindsets, those who live in the past, those who live in the present, and those who live in the future. Having these multiple mindsets across your workforce and departments is like having endless roadblocks.

Don’t forget, the windshield is significantly larger than the rearview mirror for a reason – we need a clear, unobstructed look at the road ahead. To move ahead together, businesses can conduct a time travel audit to identify mindsets and gain insight on their impact.

Watch this 30-minute webinar and learn how to understand and unite these different mindsets to achieve a more future-focused organization. Learn the benefits of conducting a time travel audit and how to successfully walk forward together. Knowing the time orientations of your organization is a valuable tool to help you to more effectively communicate, collaborate, and move forward together to achieve results.

If your business is experiencing a disconnect as a result of competing mindsets, a time travel audit is the perfect next step towards the future. 

During this webinar, we’ll:

  • Define the three-time orientation mindsets
  • Discuss the benefits of the time travel audit
  • Provide tips to unite competing mindsets

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