Police Department Defense: The Value of an Acceptable Use Policy

November 3 2015 | by Phil Keeney

Ideally the computers and Internet access provided to staff will be used solely for police department use. But the reality is that every day departments are exposed by users to unwanted and often significant risk. Police departments know this is the environment we face, but often are not sure how to protect themselves.

Creating and disseminating an Acceptable Use Policy is the first step towards taking control of the situation and avoiding unwanted consequences. An Acceptable Use Policy serves as a guide for staff on the type of technology use that is allowed by your department.

Key items to include in your Acceptable Use Policy:

  • Define what systems the policy includes
  • Specify that files and messages are properly of the department.
  • Prohibit sending confidential information
  • Prohibit unauthorized access by staff or non-staff members
  • Outline discipline measures associated with misuse

Stambaugh Ness TechSolutions has developed an Acceptable Use Policy Template. We recommend installing your policy on-screen so that it appears each time an employee logs onto a computer.

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